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The Group Australia Procurement Team Has Been Establishment
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According to the group’s strategy which include the international sourcing、logistical、integration of the supply strategic and the multi domesticof goods、difference、distinguishing.the group decided to base on australia for its have lots of dried milk、health care goods、wool、minerals、aquatic resources. Setting up working group for actively expand procurement and supply market. Australia team of the International procurement operations division is proclaimed in australia.the founding of australia team are located in australia Newcastle City, New South Wales, this team will establish the ground for the group choice and purchase quality products. At the meantime building the communication bridge for the flexible and varied cooperation which the group developed widely. On October 10.



the founding of australia team is located in australia Newcastle City, New South Wales


  Australia team represent by Ms Crystal Guo, she lived in australia for many years, graduated from University of Newcastle in 2006,MBA, she has served general manager’s assistant or purchasing managers, she has broad experience for purchase. This team be in charge of her will bring lots of professional help for the company purchasing quality products in australia market.



the founding of australia team’s director Ms Crystal Guo recent photograph


Australia team is the International procurement operations division setting up on the foeign purchase team,after set up another team in ltaly、Finland、Hongkong.

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