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Linfen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yue Puyu visit Fanglue Group
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On August 19, 2016 in map of houma linfen municipal party committee secretary YuePuYu Wang Xujie accompanied visit group secretary of municipal party committee of shanxi strategy can gantry crane erection project international inland bonded port zone, overseas purchase and foreign goods wharf project construction, and so on and so forth the research.Group industrial logistics operations business li-qin guo, President, vice President zhang guobao, group supervision supervision minister who keep up with the reception.



Linfen municipal party committee secretary YuePuYu () in the map of houma party secretary Wang Xujie (right), accompanied by to visit shanxi strategy research international inland bonded port zone


Survey, who keep up with the minister, report the group's current through increased investment in infrastructure, through process improvement of optimization, the institutions and personnel to an orderly adjustment of rotational mechanism of competition, management innovation, human resources management system reform, to enhance the service ability and level, better meet import and export enterprises and even the whole society of bonded logistics center service need.Linfen municipal party committee secretary YuePuYu research after fully affirmed the bonded logistics center plan approved by the state through unremitting efforts over the years had gathered in the bonded logistics, multimodal transport, supply chain services, customer resource advantages, and through these advantages of service in the city to carry out investment, expanding opening to the outside world, realize the goal of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning plays the positive role, affirms the strategy actively adapt to the current economy the new normal, according to the" focus on "for short, perfecting the" supply side ", based on the "Internet", "livelihood" service "development train of thought is to promote the three strategic actions, especially affirms the general plan and Letv together actively take advantage of the two sides in the middle and western consumer goods wholesale and distribution center of building practical significance.



Group supervision supervision minister who keep up with the (second from right) reporting to the linfen municipal party committee secretary YuePuYu and other leaders project construction and the group's overall operation


Linfen municipal party committee secretary YuePuYu visit strategy research, reflected and concern to the attention of the platform, also highlights the strategy in the important position and role in the social and economic development of the whole city, is a great push to the strategy development.We must not forget the great trust of the municipal party committee, don't forget to beginner's mind, build and operate well bonded logistics center, as the economic revitalization of the rise of city and even the whole continue to play a proper role.