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Mongolia largest iron ore importer steel exporters to group cooperation
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All the way in the national "area" under the guidance of strategy, to continue into the "area", consolidate the expanding both the basis of cooperation with Mongolia, looking for new business opportunities at the same time, March 2, 2016-3, Mongolia's largest iron ore importer, economic and trade limited liability company general manager Zou Feng erlianhot city north Korea, one of the largest steel exporters - the trade import and export trade co., LTD., the bright line was invited to visit group, at the same time, about a Mongolian bahn kuangfen import of cooperation sales and China steel export sales.Group vice chairman and industrial logistics operations business Ma Zijiang, President, vice President, industrial logistics operation li-qin guo for the reception.

Two customers first to group strategies of shanxi international inland bonded port zone has carried on the on-the-spot investigation, and then under the guidance of vice President li-qin guo went to shanxi of constant steel co., LTD., shanxi Gao Yi steel co., LTD. Visit, consultation, eventually reached a substantial cooperation in logistics supply chain.By convention, the group industrial business will only cooperation in economic and trade companies in shanxi as the north district agent vendors, its by railway to terminal Mongolian iron ore powder to my group to the warehouse in advance after landing by addition division I group sales organization.At the same time, in the trade company, the total through investigation, the peripheral product had fully understand the advantages of an iron and steel enterprise, confidence in Mongolia market, in addition to the late "kuangfen in steel business cooperation mode to collect the important information.