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Group Three Department Held A Meeting For Purchase Business Overseas
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On May 27, group vice President Lu Yu, international procurement operations, life vice President Wu Kangbo, logistics operations, such as network technology operations business President Chen Kejun three division head, and network operations business in taiyuan institute of science and technology related department head Shao Zhenshan, Dong Lingchao, li-li hwang, Guo Zekang gathered in taiyuan is held its business strategy and the issues relating to overseas purchase analysis, the meeting shall be presided over by chairman assistant, market operation director Du Huaming. 



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Meeting around the overseas purchase plan of the current category distribution, purchasing and sales, platform and APP development situation and so on has carried on the thorough analysis, to offline business promotion, product procurement, platform development, YunCang business, user experience, business process, the problem such as the service specification for serious discussion.Through concentrated analysis and discussion, we exchanged information, to recognize the situation, both at the same time has carried on the accurate evaluation of problems and its reasons, unified the thought for solving measures, has formed a consensus.Final meeting planning for the next step of work and made a specific arrangement collaboration with each other.