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Further cooperation with Shanghai railway container center station
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Bonded Logistics Operations Division President Liu hao (left), Vice President Chen Jinfeng (right), Shanghai Railway Container Center Station Manager Zheng Kang (middle)

Bonded Operations Division President Liu Hao and his team went to Shanghai railway container center station to talk about further cooperation.

Over the years,Bonded logistics operations has been through the Shanghai railway container center station, to undertake Imports of electrolytic copper for North Copper Company of the Zhongtiaoshan Group sent back to Supply chain business of Houma Fanglue dedicated line for Transit in Luchaogang port being involved , to provide railway container transport services, The bilateral cooperation has been very successful.

In the very beginning of New Year, in order to make bilateral cooperation more extensive, In December 28,Bonded Logistics Operations Division President Liu Hao, Vice President Chen Jinfeng and the staff specifically went to Shanghai to visit the center station manager Zheng Kang, the two sides had long talks on further deeper cooperation in the formation of multi-point consensus. They cooperate in future with full confidence.

It is reported that Shanghai Railway Container Center Station, also known as Shanghai Luchaogang Railway Station, is located in the Luchaogang town Pudong New Area ,which is 32 km away from Yangshan Deepwater Port, 37 km from Pudong International Airport, 80 kilometers from Hongqiao International Airport, in 2005 December 1 officially put into operation, is China's first railway container center station.It is one of China's "long-term railway network plan" of the 18 railway container center station.

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