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Group And Yuantong Company Continue To Set Up Distribution Centers
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        On March 31, 2016, yuantong express Xu Shenghua, zhen-ping liu, head of the group be sorting center to constitute in the map of houma development zone port office, accompanied by jin-hu wang, again came to my group, deputy director of the joint distribution centers location, and cooperation plan.Group vice chairman Ma Zijiang, supervision supervision minister who keep up with the reception.



Yuantong be sorting, director of the center to constitute Xu Shenghua (left one), zhen-ping liu (second from left) in the VIP room to watch the AD group


        Reception, the two sides to the ground to the full exploration and surveyed the surrounding traffic conditions, to be the consultation cooperation matters, optional location, concrete construction plan, cost check and ratify, policy support and so on has carried on the comprehensive and detailed communication.The talks, cooperation between the two sides and one step further.Said the two sides will keep in touch, further strengthen communication and make it to the ground as soon as possible.



Yuantong be sorting, head of the center to constitute Xu Shenghua (right) to group vice chairman Ma Zijiang (in) explaining center facilities construction plan

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