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Xining Changfeng Company Yu Shaojie Inspection Cooperation To The Group
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on march 8, 2016 in qinghai xining wumao changfeng group vice general manager of yu shaojie line of investigation and cooperation,to group group vice chairman and industrial logistics operations business president ma zijiang, industrial logistics operations businessmanagement vice president li-qin guo for the reception.

the graph is group vice chairman, industrial division president ma zijiang (left) and xining changfeng group wumao yu shaojie company deputy general manager (third left) in the vip room communication discussion


yu shaojie line group international inland port zone up on the first visit, the strategies for bonded logistics center visited the life logistics operations business import goods warehouse, then in the vip room on the second floor to watch video and conducted in-depth talks.


during the talks, the two sides respectively introduces the basic conditions, to have the advantage of, can carry out the business, on this basis, through communication and consultation, the two sides in the alumina, wire rod, such as commodities and logistics service, import commodities, red wine, northwest of fmcg market development has formed a preliminary cooperation intention.we said it would immediately demonstrated measure according to the requirements of the proposed cooperation actively, and then as soon as possible to provide a business plan, looking forward to have a better cooperation with each other.