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Luantuo Red Wine of Italy Arrived in China Port
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 Group imported Italian been lai chateau wine arrive lianyungang port


After unpacking and then transferred to the warehouse store waiting for transit

 From Italy been with flower chateau strategy group since the end of last year in shanxi taiyuan success hand in hand cooperation, both sides has maintained communication and eventually form a wine importing cooperation as a start.Recently, the group imports of wine zhuang no flower red wine has arrived in port of lianyungang, jiangsu province, it is to deal with matters of transit.The imported wine product 12 involved, including dry red, dry white, sparkling wine, liqueur, etc., will greatly enrich the group FMCG category, in order to better meet the needs of the diversification of consumers.
Turin, Italy been lai winery, located in the northern piedmont of the municipality, connor is a family-run winery in wessex area.Since 1871, the wine has been zhuang selection, cultivation high quality grape varieties, and is committed to making the world's top wine.